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Seminar discusses “siege and Covid-19” in Yemen

Lebanese activist Ali Yahya has organized an online seminar on Saturday, regarding the ongoing situation in Yemen, specifically regarding the continued blockade of the country and the spread of Covid-19.

The conference was titled “Yemen between siege and Covid-19: from disastrous to cataclysmic”.

A group of activists participated in the seminar, in which they expressed their rejection of the Saudi-led aggression and blockade on Yemen. They stressed that the war on Yemen has to stop and the blockade has to be lifted.

Indian human rights activist and grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, Tushar Gandhi, American-Bolivian actress and peace activist Carla Ortiz, human rights activist and representative of the National Salvation Government in Sana’a to the United Nations Kim Sharif, and Swedish-Bosnian singer and activist, Bianca Muratagic were among the participants.

Also, Yemeni activist Ramzy Yafei took part in this seminar, in which he explained that due to the aggression launched by Saudi-led coalition against Yemen, in addition to the blockade imposed on the country, the worst humanitarian situation in the world has developed in Yemen.

He also highlighted the Saudi-led coalition’s support for al-Qaeda in several areas in Yemen, especially in Jawf province.

Yousif al-Hadhari, spokesman of the Ministry of Health in Sanaa, also spoke on the conference.

According to UN statistics, the number of people in dire need of humanitarian food aid has increased to over 12 million, he said.

“If we link the situation with the spread of the Covid-19, the virus will find a fertile place to spread widely in the country due to poor health conditions and the embargo that further deteriorating economic conditions,” the spokesman clarified.


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