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Chris Murphy: Arming Riyadh and the UAE with drones means killing more Yemenis

US Senator Chris Murphy has announced his intention to introduce a bill banning Trump from selling drones to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Murphy said in a series of tweets that completing the deal could lead to more effective killings of civilians in Yemen.

He confirmed that Trump’s efforts to sell the weapon would greatly increase the arms race in the Middle East and allow the Saudis to kill civilians more effectively in the Yemen war.

He noted that China’s competition in this area, as Trump claims, is a false logic because the most sophisticated US aircraft, stressing the need to prevent the sale of weapons to dangerous places simply because of the wealth of some American companies.

The US senator warned that the deal would make it easier for other countries to sell missile technology to Us enemies without consequences and would pose a long-term threat to us national security.

Murphy affirmed  that he is seeking to introduce a bill banning the sale of drones next week and to activate the Arms Control Agreement in US law. If Congress doesn’t do anything now, it might be impossible to get this gun agreement back in place once Trump leaves, he said.


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