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US-UK Aggression Resumes Targeting Hodeidah

The United States and Britain resumed targeting the province of Hodeidah on Monday. Almasirah Net correspondent reported that the US-UK aggression carried out several airstrikes in the Al-Katheeb area north of Hodeidah. Earlier in the…

Two Injured by US-Saudi Mercenaries’ Fire in Taiz

Two citizens were injured on Saturday by the gunfire of US-Saudi aggression mercenaries in the districts of Khadir and Al-Masrakh in Taiz. A security source confirmed the injury of a child by the aggression mercenaries' sniper in the…

Child Injured in Saudi Bombing Sa’adah Governorate

A child was injured, Saturday, as a result of a raid by the US-Saudi aggression on Sa'adah Governorate. Al-Masirah Net's correspondent in the governorate reported that a child was injured as a result of a shell being dropped by Saudi…