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Al Mahrah

Violent Clashes in A Saudi Camp in Al-Mahra

On Thursday, eyewitnesses in Al-Mahra governorate heard heavy gunfire and intense firefighting in one of the coalition forces’ camps in the district of Sehout. “Al-Mahra Post” news website quoted sources described as “informed” heavy…

Fire at central power station in Mahrah causes outage

A huge fire broke out at the central power station in Sayhut District, causing a complete power outage on the Sayhut and al-Masilah Districts in Mahrah province, eastern Yemen, local sources said on Friday. According to the sources, the…

Saudi Forces kidnap Yemeni Soldier from Al-Mahra

Local sources reported that the Saudi forces, located in the city of Al-Ghaida, in Al-Mahra Governorate, east of Yemen, kidnapped a Yemeni soldier under the pretext of communicating with AnsarAllah. “Al-Mahriya Net” webe  quoted the…