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Mahrah Governor: US Delegation’s Visit of the American a Provocation of Yemenis’ Will

The governor of Al-Mahrah condemned on Sunday the visit of the US military delegation to the province and the violation of Yemeni sovereignty.

Al-Qatabi Ali Hussein Al-Farji confirmed that the visit of the US delegation, which included Ambassador Steven Fagin and Commander of the US Navy, Brad Cooper, to Al-Mahr Governorate, is a flagrant violation of international diplomatic norms, and a hostile and opportunistic act.

He considered the US intervention a provocation of the will of the Yemeni People, who reject the foreign presence in all its forms in Yemen’s territory.

The governor of Al-Mahrah stressed the rejection of the local authority against aggression and occupation in Al-Mahrah and the free people of the governorate to the American military moves. He asserted the importance of supporting the national demands that reject all forms of foreign colonial presence in all parts of Yemen.

He held the mercenaries of aggression and the occupation authorities in Al-Ghaidha, fully responsible for the recent movements of the US military delegation to the governorate.

He called on the free people of the southern provinces to reject the American, British, Saudi and Emirati presence in the various provinces, and to prepare to complete the battle for independence and national sovereignty under the leadership of the Leader of the Revolution Sayyed Abdulmalik Badr al-Din al-Houth, to purify Yemen from colonialism and the new occupation.

Al-Farji considered that the American, British, Saudi, and Emirati occupiers took advantage of the citizens’ suffering due to the poor living conditions in the occupied governorates. They used their military arsenal to terrorize citizens, extend their control over the civil, military and service sectors, and plunder the country’s wealth.

He praised the awareness and state of popular anger towards the practices of the forces of invasion and occupation and their tools.

He emphasized standing by the free people of the southern governorates, especially the people of Al-Mahrah, and their role in opposing the occupation forces and expelling the invaders from Yemeni lands.

Days ago, the American website HuffPost confirmed that the United States is moving in the path of seizing Al-Mahra Governorate; For geopolitical purposes and long-term economic ambitions and goals, including control of the governorate’s coasts and ports.

The site revealed that US soldiers and military experts frequent the province, moving around it, away from the media spotlight, calling on Congress to investigate the role played by US forces inside the province far from the frontlines.

The US military moves in the governorates of Al-Mahra and Hadramout have escalated significantly and provocatively during the recent period, in parallel with the efforts of US to thwart peace efforts and circumvent the demands of the Yemeni People and the requirements for a solution, including the complete departure of foreign forces from Yemen.

Earlier on the month, the Leader of Revolution Sayyed Abdulmalik Al-Houthi accused Washington of delaying the withdrawal of foreign forces from the country.

“The Americans, the British, the Saudis, and the Emiratis should know that they must assume their responsibilities within the framework of any agreement,” Sayyed Abdulmalik stressed, adding, “The sources of wealth are occupied by the coalition and under its control, depriving the [Yemeni] people of them for eight years.”

The Yemeni leader accused the US of trying to postpone the withdrawal of foreign forces from Yemen for an indefinite period, stressing that “this matter is essential for us, and we do not accept it.”

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