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Mahra merchants demand disclosure of fate of “Al-Jafri” businessman

A number of merchants and businessmen in Mahra province, eastern Yemen, staged a protest vigil on Monday, calling for the disclosure of the fate of the businessman Hashim Al-Jafri, who was kidnapped at the end of last week.

During the vigil held in Al-Ghaydah city, the capital of the province, the protesters considered the abduction of Al-Jafri an alien phenomenon to Mahra and its people, holding the authorities loyal to the Saudi-led coalition fully responsible for Al-Jafri’s life. They called on the pro-coalition authorities to quickly carry out their duty to pursue the armed gang and bring its members to justice.

Mahra’s merchants called for protecting citizens and working to achieve security and social peace among the members of society.

The businessman Al-Jafri, owner of an exchange company, was kidnapped by an armed gang while he was in front of his house and taken to an unknown destination last Wednesday, without knowing his fate or the party behind his abduction.

Mahra has been suffering from security chaos since the coalition forces and their militias took control of the province, in addition to the spread of extremist Salafist groups in a number of the province’s areas.



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