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Religious man assassinated in Shabwa

A religious preacher was assassinated on Friday by members of the UAE-funded al-Amaliqa militia in the district of Bayhan of Shabwa province.

Sources familier with the matter said the sheikh Abdullah Al-Bani, was targeted on his car after he left the Eid Al-Fitr prayer in the district.

The sources pointed out that the assassination of Al-Bani after the residents’ rejection of a preacher that the militia tried to impose on the citizens who stood with Sheikh Al-Bani.

The sources confirmed that Al-Bani delivered a sermon on Eid Al-Fitr, in which he urged citizens to unite the ranks and reject racism, partisanship, and sectarianism that divide people.

Al-Bani was the official preacher of the area before the Emirates brought in al-Amaliqa militia from the West Coast, in the beginning of the year 2020.


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