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STC threatens to target people of northern governorates

A senior leader in the UAE-backed Transitional Council (STC) vowed to carry out regional campaigns against the people of the northern governorates in the southern Yemeni city of Aden.

The head of the economic department in the General Secretariat of the STC, Abdul-Qawi al-Solh, said in a post on Twitter: “The displaced Yemenis must return to their areas because the support will stop soon, get out before the flood of southern anger takes you out.”

He added: “The flood of Southern anger will not be merciful this time.”

From time to time, the STC forces launch forced deportation campaigns for travelers and workers in Aden from the northern governorates as part of the practices implemented by the  STC with the support  of the UAE to tear the fabric of the Yemeni society.


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