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UAE militias use chainsaw to torture prisoners in Aden

The UAE militia have used a “chainsaw” to torture prisoners and detainees inside the secret prisons in Aden.

Head of the “Al-Rased Organization for Human Rights,” Anas al-Shreek, confirmed that one of the young men detained by the UAE militia in Aden, “whose name was not mentioned,” was beaten, broken ribs, suspended and stripped during torture.

He added that the UAE forces used a chainsaw to cut the young man’s thigh.

The UAE-affiliated Southern Transitional Council (STC) militia have practiced various types of horrific violations and torture against prisoners and detainees in prisons supervised by Emirati officers in Aden and the rest of the southern provinces, using sexual assaults as in secret prisons of Waddah, Al-Rayyan airport in the city of Mukalla, and Workers Island in Aden, in addition to jails of the Eritrean island of Assab is an exile for hundreds of detainees and forcibly disappeared people without knowing their fate.


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