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US drone strike targets car carrying three people in Marib

A US drone strike targeted a car carrying three people near a gas station in Marib city on Monday, media outlet reported on Tuesday.

According to the sources, the targeted car was in a queue of cars to fill gasoline at Al-Hayra station in Al-Samada area of Wadi Obeida.

The photographs show that the missile used in the raid was an R9X Hellfire.

According to the American journalist J.P. Lawrence, the Central Command stated that there are no operational reports at this time about this incident in Yemen.

While investigative journalist Nick Waters stressed that the indications are very clear that the attack in Yemen with the R9X missile, the distinctive weapon used to kill high-value targets by the United States.

Researcher Wesley Morgan said: “It looks like it’s not the Department of Defense.

Morgan said the operation was likely carried out by the Special Operations Unit (JSOC) or the CIA.

According to Yemen News Portal, Hassan al-Hadhrami, an official in the manufacture of explosive devices and explosives at al-Qaeda, was killed in the air strike carried out by a US drone on his car next to Al-Hayra station in the Samada area of Wadi Obaida district, southeast of Marib.

The raid also killed al-Hadrami’s brother, Musa Hadboul, the website said.

Hassan al-Hadrami survived a similar airstrike last month that targeted a house where he lived in the city of Marib.


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