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Earthquake hits southern Fiji Islands

An earthquake measuring 5.6 degrees on the Richter scale hit early Monday in southern Fiji.
The US Geological Survey said that the earthquake occurred at exactly “01:57:10” GMT.
The authority indicated that the earthquake occurred at latitude “23.917” to the south, longitude “179.870” to the east.
The US Geological Survey confirmed that the earthquake occurred at a depth of 529.9 km.
The Tsunami Warning Center in the Pacific Ocean indicated that there were no tsunami warnings or any reports of casualties or damage as a result of the earthquake.
Fiji is a republic located in the southwestern region of the Pacific Ocean, 1000 km from Auckland near New Zealand, and 2,700 km to the northeastern side of Sydney in Australia, and the number of islands belonging to Fiji reaches 800 islands, all of which are inhabited. Suva is the official capital of the island of Fiji, and ranks as the largest city in the South Pacific region.

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