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Saudi-mercenaries Attack Mediation Committee Responsible for Coordination to Open Sana’a-Dhalea-Aden Road

Armed militias affiliated with the US-Saudi aggression’s mercenaries besieged the presidential and military committees tasked with coordinating to open the Sana’a-Dhalea-Aden road on Tuesday.

The head of the committee, Minister of Public Works and Roads in Sana’a, Ghaleb Mutlaq, stated that the Saudi-mercenaries besieged the presidential and military committees in the Zeila area in Murais in Al-Dhalea Governorate and continued to target them with all types of weapons.

He explained that the presidential and military committees, along with dozens of dignitaries and social figures, had arrived in the Murais area as part of the coordination and arrangements to open the road. However, the Saudi-mercenaries prevented them in an attempt to thwart any efforts to open the road.

Minister Mutlaq appealed to all parties and organizations to intervene to lift the siege on the presidential and military committees, as well as the sheiks and dignitaries, to preserve their lives.

For his part, the Acting Governor of Dhalea, Abdul Latif Al-Shagdari, reported that two people were injured in the gunfire by mercenaries on the mediation committee and civilians, confirming that targeting those involved in opening the road is a blatant crime, and opening the road serves all Yemenis.

Al-Shagdari said in a statement to Al-Masirah: “We were coordinating with the Saudi-backed party and had contacted them before heading to open the road, only to be surprised by the attack on us.”

In turn, member of the mediation committee Hamoud Al-Awadi said: “We were hopeful during our mission to open the road, but unfortunately we were surprised by the aggression of the Saudi-backed party.”

Al-Awadi affirmed in a statement to Al-Masirah, “We were expecting to be met with love and peace, but we were surprised by everything contrary to Yemeni values, morals, and customs, noting that the attack during the road-opening mission targets all Yemenis and serves the enemies of Yemen inside and outside.”

“We are committed and determined with all the sons of Yemen in the north and south to work for the good of our country,” he added.

The US-Saudi aggression is sparing no effort to exploit the suffering of the citizens in Yemen, as there is a varying agenda of the Saudi-backed government that uses the suffering and difficult conditions in various governorates.

Yemenis in various governorates have been suffering from a suffocating military siege for eight years, amid the intransigence of the forces of aggression to open roads, despite the unilateral initiatives made by Sana’a.

Sana’a has directed more than six initiatives to open the roads, but they were rejected by the Saudi-backed party.

The Saudi-backed side is not interested in reducing the suffering of citizens or enhancing confidence, as the bombing of roads, bridges, and educational and health facilities is the direct cause of doubling the suffering of citizens.

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