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Ministry of Fisheries Condemns US-UK Aggression Targeting Yemeni Fishermen

Yemen’s Ministry of Fisheries condemned on Saturday the despicable crime committed by the Zionist ship protection alliance, led by the US-British enemy, targeting several Yemeni fishermen in Yemeni waters in the Red Sea with its aerial warfare raids.

The ministry explained in a statement that several Yemeni fishermen were targeted last Thursday evening while they were fishing aboard their boats in Yemeni waters of the Red Sea off the coast of Al-Mokha, resulting in the martyrdom of two and the disappearance of others.

The ministry denounced the cowardly and criminal targeting of fishermen while they were trying to earn a living through the profession of fishing, which represents the only source to provide the necessary sustenance for them and their families.

The statement affirmed that this crime exposes the true objectives behind the militarization of America and Britain in the Red Sea, adding to their bloody criminal records alongside the Zionist enemy’s crimes against civilians in the Gaza Strip.

The Ministry of Fisheries warned of the dangers of the US-British presence in the Red Sea on the lives of thousands of Yemeni fishermen and its threat to fishery resources and the marine environment. It called on the free people of the world to condemn the crimes and violations targeting fishermen and depriving them of their livelihoods.

The US-UK aggressive airstrikes on Yemen continue in clear violation of Yemeni sovereignty, as an attempt to deter Yemen from its decision to prevent Israeli ships from passing through the Red Sea in support of the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, who are facing a genocidal war by the savage Zionist entity.

Over the past few weeks, the US and the UK have carried out numerous air attacks in various regions of Yemen, responding to the country’s missile and drone assaults on vessels, either owned by Israel or en route to ports in the occupied Palestinian territories.

In the past few days, the American-British aggression has targeted different areas in Hodeidah with airstrikes, including the targeting of the Ras Isa area in Al-Salif district.

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