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Al-Hamli meets the new representative of the UNHCR in Yemen

The Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for the Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and International Cooperation, Ibrahim Al-Hamli, discussed with the new representative of UNHCR in Yemen, Marine Dean, mechanisms for joint action and cooperation between SCMCHA and UNCHR.

The meeting, which was attended by the Head of the International Cooperation Department, Faisal Modhesh, touched on aspects of joint cooperation and work mechanisms between SCMCHA and UNHCR to ensure continuity of work and achieve the desired results to alleviate the suffering of the displaced and those affected by the aggression and siege.

The Secretary General of SCMCHA affirmed its readiness to provide all necessary facilities to facilitate the work of UNHCR to perform the tasks entrusted to it.
He emphasized the importance of following the regulations of humanitarian work and respecting the national laws of the country, as this would facilitate the work, assure its continuity, and achieve the desired humanitarian objectives.

He highlighted the importance of full collaboration with SCMCHA, which is the formal entity in charge of the organizations’ activities.

He indicated the importance of paying attention to the displaced, particularly in light of the suspension of assistance, which exacerbated their suffering and deprived them of the most basic essentials of existence.

Marine Dean, for his part, emphasized UNHCR’s commitment to cooperation and coordination with national authorities represented by SCMCHA and International Cooperation, as well as to make every effort to address displaced persons’ issues and contribute to their relief.

The meeting was attended by Naji Azman, Director of Emergency and Displacement, and Muhammad Al-Razza, Director of Monitoring and Evaluation.

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