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Ministry of Health condemns targeting Zionist Entity Indonesian Hospital in Gaza

The Ministry of Public Health and Population condemned the war crimes and genocide committed by the Zionist occupation against the Palestinian people, including the crimes of targeting and destroying hospitals and health centres, and killing or arresting its personnel.

In a statement received by the Yemeni News Agency (SABA), the Ministry referred to the targeting of the Indonesian hospital by the Zionist enemy, which affected the Department of Surgery and Operations, disrupted rescue work and martyred patients.

The statement affirmed that the Indonesian hospital and its previous crimes of targeting Gaza’s other hospitals violated more than any legal framework for war crimes and crimes against humanity, after the barbarity of the enemy had reached limits that required special legislation to describe and punish the perpetrators.

The Zionist entity’s quest for any military achievement was only a chronic failure, which it sought to compensate for the killing of premature children, sick elders, pregnant women and lactating women.

The enemy’s escalation of its crimes in recent days has been an ugly investment in its partnership with the enlargement States, while continuing its support for the usurper entity and its full coverage of its crimes, notably the United States of America, which leads Western collusion and cheap consistency from regimes under its demonic will.

In the Ministry’s view, the genocide and massacres to which the Palestinian people were being subjected could only be answered by a global uprising, shaking down the brutal world order and pressuring the international community to quickly open access to Gaza to enable health and medical human frameworks to support Gazans and to provide medical supplies, fuel and food.

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