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Yemen’s Shura Council Condemns Israeli Targeting of the Palestinian Legislative Council

Shura Council strongly condemned the terrorist act carried out by the Zionist entity in targeting the building of the Palestinian Legislative Council, which led to the martyrdom of prominent Palestinian politician and acting parliament speaker Ahmed Bahar.

In a statement released on Saturday, the Council expressed sincere condolences and sympathy to the resistance and the Palestinian people for the martyrdom of Bahar and all the martyrs who fell victim to Zionist crimes.

The Council emphasized that the Zionist entity has showcased its malicious, criminal, and inhumane nature through its direct targeting of government premises, hospitals, schools, and the war crimes committed in Palestine over the past 43 days, which constitute crimes against humanity.

It stressed that the crime of bombing and destroying the Legislative Council building in Gaza, along with the preceding crimes resulting in the deaths and injuries of thousands, necessitates an urgent and effective response to condemn and criminalize these acts, pressuring the entity to halt its aggressive onslaught.

The Council asserted that such crimes will not deter the determination of the Palestinian people and resistance movements from continuing the struggle to liberate Palestine from the occupying entity and reclaim their usurped rights.

It  called upon the league of Senates, Councils, and similar bodies in Africa and the Arab world to fulfill their responsibilities and exert pressure in international forums to take immediate and deterrent measures to halt the organized killing and terrorism practiced against the Palestinian people by the Zionist entity. It also urged accountability before international courts.

The Israeli military on Wednesday bombed the Palestinian Legislative Council building in Gaza City, according to several local media reports and videos circulating online.

News outlets including Channel 12 and the Times of Israel newspaper said the troops destroyed the parliament building, days after photographing themselves inside it.

Hamas on Saturday confirmed the death a day earlier of Bahar, 76, who was a member of the group’s political bureau and had served as deputy speaker and acting speaker of the Palestinian parliament.

Unconfirmed reports suggest he had been injured in an Israeli air strike on Gaza earlier this week.

At least 12,300 people have been killed in Israel’s brutal military campaign against Gaza since October 7 when the regime launched an aggression against the enclave in response to a Hamas operation on the same day which killed some 1,200 Israeli settlers and military forces.

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