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Hezbollah voices support to Palestinian people, resistance factions

Hezbollah has commented on the Zionist crime of assassinating the Islamic Jihad senior military commander, Tayseer Al-Jabari, and a number of his brethren in an aggression on Gaza Strip.

In a statement issued on Friday, Hezbollah offered deep condolences to the Movement.

Hezbollah voiced support to the Palestinian people and its courageous resistance till it fully liberates the prisoners as well as occupied land and achieved all the legitimate goals.

“The martyrs received the high divine distinction and fulfilled their dearest wishes after a long life they spent in jihad and resistance.”

The statement added that the dear people of Palestine, who made the most precious sacrifices over the long years of resistance and mourned dozens of leaders, will not be weakened by this heinous and treacherous Israeli crime.

This crime will oppositely increase the Palestinians’ determination to continue following the resistance path until victory and liberation are achieved, according to Hezbollah statement.


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