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Al-Ajri: The issue of opening roads is to justify coalition’s siege of ports and airports

Member of the National Delegation, Abdul-Malik Al-Ajri, has affirmed that the US-Saudi aggression used the issue of opening roads to justify its siege of ports and airports and covering it up.

“We are keen to alleviate the suffering of the people, and in the circumstances of the confrontations there is a forced closure of some main roads to preserve the safety of citizens,” Abdul-Malik Al-Ajri said in a statement to Al-Masirah on Tuesday.

He pointed out that the measures in Taiz were imposed by military necessities to preserve the lives of citizens, while the closure of the ports and the airport was not justified.

Al-Ajri explained that the military committee went for dialogue and had a package of options, whether in Taiz or elsewhere, stressing the keenness to make the best use of the truce.

He underestimated the performance of the Saudi-led aggression in the truce, indicating that it does not augur well for the future.

“The Saudi-led aggression did not implement the truce’s most important provisions of the two weekly flights.”

He pointed out that the spy planes did not stop, and the United Nations had previously warned that any breach of the truce would be dealt with, stressing “Sana’a  still exercising restraint.

Regarding extending the truce, Al-Ajri affirmed that the delegation has not discussed this issue with the United Nations so far, stressing the need to implement the provisions of the truce first in the required manner and that any extension will be by improving humanitarian conditions.

He pointed out that an extension is out of the question as long as there is no commitment to the terms of the truce, wondering: “On what basis are we looking at extending it?”

Al-Ajri considered any extension of the truce to be in light of the evaluation of the previous stage and the improvement of humanitarian conditions.


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