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46,374 civilians killed, injured by coalition’s aggressive war on Yemen during 2,600 days

A recent statistic issued by the Humanity Eye Center for Rights and Development revealed that 46,374 civilians were killed and wounded during 2,600 days of the aggressive war waged by the US-Saudi-Emirati coalition on Yemen.

The statistics showed that the number of civilians killed during 2,600 days amounted to 17,750, including 4,028 children, 2,440 women, and 11,307 men, while the number of wounded reached 28,559, including 4,595 children, 2,440 women, and 21,091 men.

With regard to infrastructure, the statistic stated that the coalition airstrikes destroyed 15 airports, 16 ports, 342 power stations and generators, 6,827 roads and bridges, and 614 telecommunication stations, in addition to the destruction of 2,815 water tanks and networks, and 2,095 government facilities.

As for the economic establishments, the statistics explained that the coalition warplanes destroyed 405 factories, 384 fuel tracks, 11,952 commercial establishments, 434 chicken and livestock farms, 9,868 transport vehicles, 971 food trucks, 698 markets, 482 fishing boats, 1,002 food stores, and 423 fuel stations.

On the service facilities, the statistics confirmed that the coalition destroyed 590,770 homes, 182 university facilities, 1,622 mosques, and 376 tourist facilities. The coalition also destroyed 413 hospitals and health facilities, 1,216 schools and educational facilities, 139 sports facilities, 254 archaeological sites, 60 media facilities, and 9,799 agricultural fields.



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