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36 killed by floods in Brazil

At least 36 people have been killed after heavy rain caused flooding and landslides in Brazil, authorities said. “Unfortunately, we are going to have many more deaths,” the state civil defense chief, Henguel Pereira, told the newspaper…

US general: US will go to war with China within two years

US Air Force General Mike Minnehan has sent a note to his subordinates stating  that his country will go to war with China within two years, NBC television reported. The channel quoted the document as saying: “I hope I’m wrong. My…

US-backed militias detain refugees in Rukban camp in Syria

 Armed groups affiliated with the US occupation prevent refugees from leaving the Rukban camp in the al-Tanf area of the Syrian desert, Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported, citing local sources. According to the sources, the families…