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Human Rights condemns America’s decision to stop international aid to beneficiaries in Yemen

The Ministry of Human Rights strongly condemned the United States of America’s decision to completely stop international aid granted to beneficiaries in Yemen.

The Ministry confirmed in a statement, a copy of which was received by the Yemeni News Agency (Saba), that America committed, with its decision to stop international aid to Yemen, a grave violation as it comes from a purely political nature… noting that the United States exceeded the international position by interfering in stopping aid outside the framework of international legitimacy.

It explained that the American administration had previously taken this decision gradually in order to pressure the Sana’a government to abandon the crucial issues of the Arab and Islamic nation.

The statement indicated that American hegemony and interventions have always affected the flow of aid by exploiting that aid, diverting it from its humanitarian path for another inhumane agenda, and using it to blackmail peoples… indicating that the Yemenis have suffered greatly from American abuses during the years of aggression and siege.

The Ministry affirmed that humanitarian aid is one of the most obligatory rights for victims of armed conflicts and natural disasters, considering America’s cessation of international aid in violation of the United Nations Charter, the four Geneva Conventions, and other international agreements that affirm the prohibition of the use of humanitarian aid for political or military purposes and that it must be provided in conflicts without any obstacles or political, racial, religious or any other similar considerations.

It warned of the consequences of this suspension, which will deprive millions of Yemenis who are in dire need of humanitarian aid from life-saving relief, according to reports issued by international organizations.

The Ministry of Human Rights called on the international community to adopt a transparent mechanism far removed from political calculations, renewing its call for the United Nations General Assembly to bear responsibility and issue a resolution to continue delivering aid to those who deserve it and take practical measures to limit the United States’ use of aid for inhumane purposes.

The statement urged humanitarian organizations to stand in solidarity with the Yemeni people, who have been subjected to aggression and siege for nine years, reject American transgressions, and work to focus aid towards its main role towards reducing human suffering.

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