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Pro-Islah Sheikh assaults woman in Taiz

For the second day in a row, activists circulated on social media platforms pictures of a woman who had been severely beaten by an influential sheikh  affiliated with Islah party in Taiz province, southwestern Yemen.

The activists said that the Sheikh “Fadl Muhammad Aqlan” nicknamed “Al-Essaq” severely beat the citizen “Nasim Ali Fairouz Mohamed, and demolished her house in the Al-Shamayateen district.

She was taken to the hospital as a result, according to the activists

The activists explained that the attack on the woman came with the aim of seizing her land and forcing her to give up the land and house that she owns and lives in with her family for 90 years and has all the legal documents and documents proving her ownership of the land.

The activists confirmed that Sheikh demolished the house of the Fairuz family in preparation for constructing a new building for Sheikh “Al-Essaq”.

The areas, which are  under the control of the coalition forces have been  witnessing robberies and attacks on land and public and private property by influential people in the ranks of the coalition forces.


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