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Ministry of Human Rights denounces Saudi regime’s arrest of Yemeni woman in Mecca

The Ministry of Human Rights denounced the Saudi regime’s arrest of the Yemeni resident, Marwa Al-Sabri, from the Great Mosque of Mecca, while she was performing Umrah rituals.

Human rights confirmed that the arrest of the Yemeni woman from the Great Mosque of Mecca is a violation of human rights and a provocation of the feelings of millions of Yemeni People.

The ministry added that the arrest of Marwa Al-Sabri while she was performing the Umrah rituals is a crime, and the holy rituals must be neutralized from the power of the Saudi regime.

The Ministry called for the speedy release of Marwa Al-Sabri and called on international organizations to condemn the crime and put pressure on the Saudi regime with the aim of releasing her and stopping arbitrary arrests.

The Saudi regime had earlier arrested the Yemeni woman because she responded with the phrase, “Saudi Arabia destroyed our country,” summarizing what has happened over 8 years of killing and siege.


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