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Ministry of Human Rights condemns execution of Yemeni citizens by Saudi regime

The Ministry of  Human Rights has condemned the flagrant crime of the Saudi regime, represented by the execution of two citizens.

In a statement issued, Sunday, the ministry confirmed that the crime of executing Yemeni citizens, which was committed by the Saudi regime, is illegal and came after an unfair trial in which the victims were not able to defend themselves.

The statement indicated that the Saudi regime refrained from giving information to the relatives of the victims about the execution, which is considered torture and crime under international human rights law and international humanitarian law.

The Ministry indicated that this crime is added to the record of mass and individual executions committed by the Saudi regime against the people of Yemen.

It called on all organizations, peoples of the world and free countries to take a free stance rejecting the crimes of the Saudi regime and condemning this crime.

The ministry held the international community, Security and Human Rights Councils, and the world responsible for the continued crimes and violations of the Saudi regime.


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