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House collapses in capital Sanaa due to heavy rains

A three-storey house collapsed on Saturday evening in the southern Al-Safia neighborhood in the capital, Sanaa, due to heavy rains.

A local source stated that the three-storey house of Yahya Hashem Al-Tharhi collapsed as a result of the continued heavy rain, noting that the residents of the house were evacuated before the collapse, and no one was hurt.

The source noted there is another house next to the collapsed house, which could collapse at any moment.

He affirmed that the main reason for the recent demolition of houses is due to the raids launched by of the Saudi-led coalition warplanes over a period of eight years, which led to the dislocation of most residential buildings, especially the old houses.

For its part, the Civil Defense Department called on the official authorities and international organizations to carry out their responsibilities towards the homes that are at risk of collapse, and held the Saudi-American aggression responsible for the damage of thousands of homes.



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