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Head of Mahra, Socotra Council reveals suspicious movements target Mahra’s security

Head of the General Council of the people of Mahra and Socotra provinces, Mohammed Abdullah Al-Afrar, on Tuesday revealed suspicious movements to undermine the security and stability of Mahra, eastern Yemen.

Al-Afrar affirmed, in a meeting held by the Council’s General Secretariat, that “Mahra will not be an easy prey for any external forces,” explaining that the people of Mahra would stand against the schemes that target security and social peace.

“All the sons of Mahra will be united against those who target their security and stability, and refuse to transfer conflicts to their areas,” Al-Afrar said, in reference to the UAE-backed militia.

He pointed out that the Council has followed up the developments taking place in Mahra and Socotra, and that it would stand together with the people of Mahra to thwart any schemes targeting the two provinces.



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