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STC carries out extrajudicial execution in Abyan

The UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) militia excused a man accused of murdering  a aivestock trader in run-over  in Zinjibar district, the capital of Abyan province.

Local sources confirmed that the “Security Belt” militia  executed Nayef al-Hindi,  from Nesab district of Shabwah province, on charges of running over the livestock merchant “Jaloud Abdullah al-Jawfi” in Lawdar  district in the past two days.

The sources explained that the militia carried out the execution without a judicial decision or any legal procedures in the legal authorities.

The execution came after the leaders of the “STC” send condolences over the death of livestock trader,  which clearly confirms that the execution was retaliatory without reference to the judiciary and the bodies authorized to issue death sentences.

The extrajudicial execution was condemned locally in Abyan, in which journalist Talal Lazraq described it as “barbarism and extremism that threatens to lose the legal right of the victim’s relatives .


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