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Saudi-led occupation forces continue to plunder Yemen’s oil wealth in Shabwah

Shabwah province’s deputy, Al-Rassa Hussein al-Bakri, on Friday confirmed that the UAE-Saudi Occupation forces are continuing to plunder and drain Yemen’s oil wealth ,in Shabwah province, eastern Yemen.

He pointed out that it has recently deepened oil wells and other new drilling in al-Qashaa area in the province.

Oil smuggling is carried out through the port of Qana (Bi’r Ali ) in the light of open attempts by the mercenaries to hand over the port and lease it to the oil mafia,” al-Rasas told the Official News Agency of Yemen (Saba).

He pointed out that the looting of Yemeni oil continues came as a result of fueling of conflicts and  fighting between tribesmen in the province by the aggression in accordance with a systematic criminal policy to impoverish and starve the Yemeni people.

He called on all tribes of Shabwah province and other provinces of Yemen to stand together to confront the occupying forces and their mercenaries and stop the looting of Yemeni wealth.


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