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5 killed in violent clashes in Marib

5 people were killed in violent clashes broke out on Friday evening in Marib province, a local source in the province said Friday.
The clashes, still ongoing until the time of writing the news, erupted in Obaida valley between Obaida tribes and the militia of the Islah party, which is loyal to the US-Saudi aggression’s coalition.

Over 12 people were injured, including civilians, in the fighting that has started when a mercenary leader, called Saeed Ben M’aili, has created a training camp in al-Damasheqa tribe, one of the Obaida tribes, a matter that has been rejected by all the tribes, the source said.

Then, the pro-aggression militias launched artillery shells intensely on the citizens’ houses and farms in al-Damasheqa area and tried to storm the area.

The source said that al-Damasheqa tribesmen, supported by Obaida tribesmen, managed to repel the militia and forced them to retreat.

However, the clashes caused a total power outage of Marib city, stopped the traffic on the international road and dozens of families have been displaced from their homes, according to the source.
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