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Hadi gov’t official exposes Saudi propaganda about alleged war prisoners

An official in the “outgoing president Hadi government” revealed on Friday the falseness of the propaganda and allegations made by Saudi Arabia about the release of 108 war prisoners of Sanaa forces.

The Yemeni journalist and former media advisor to “Hadi ” in Yemeni embassy in Riyadh, Anis Mansour Al-Subaihi, posted on Twitter,” a picture of the Yemeni deportees from Saudi Arabia to Aden Airport.

In a sarcastic tweet, Mansour wondered: “Are these prisoners and where were they captured?”

“The first time I have seen prisoners who are not among them wounded, injured or disabled,” he added.

Mansour confirmed that Saudi Arabia had arrested Yemeni expatriates whose residency had expired and presented them as prisoners of war.

Local media revealed the arrival of a Saudi plane at Aden International Airport carrying 40 people, including Somalis, who Riyadh said were prisoners of Sanaa forces.


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